• ARTist 5 Multimedia Powered Speaker, 2-way, 5.5" Woofer, White

The similar dimensions and name could make one believe that the ARTist 5 is nothing more than a revamped version of the multiple awards winning A5. Comparing the sound of the A5 to the ARTist 5 however leaves no doubt that the ARTist 5 is much more than that.

Just like all other models of the ARTist-Series it features the proprietary X-ART tweeter. The very data of this technology shows that it is at the forefront of what tweeters can accomplish. Numerous listening tests have confirmed this.

A 5.5” midwoofer reproduces the frequencies below 2.5kHz. The diaphragm is made from Carbon fiber/Rohacell/Glass fiber. This material with minimum weight and maximum rigidity prevents break up resonances, resulting in an outstanding dynamic behaviour and impeccable sound characteristics.

Shipping Information
Dimensions 14.00" x 12.00" x 16.00"
Weight 21.0 lbs.
Warehouse Information
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Model *ARTist 5 -W
General Data
Frequency Response 50 Hz - 50 kHz
Total Harmonic Distortion ≤0.6 % (90dB/1m > 100 Hz)
Max SPL ≥110 dB (100Hz to 3kHz at 1m)
Crossover Frequency 2500 Hz
Magnetically Shielded No
Warranty 2 Years

ARTist 5 Multimedia Powered Speaker, 2-way, 5.5" Woofer, White

  • Brand: ADAM Audio
  • Product Code: *ARTist 5 -W
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