• Sub 7 Pro Subwoofer 210w/1x7"

The Sub7 has been designed to complement smaller monitors such as the AX-Series. Its small footprint allows for easy placement, even in small environments. The included remote control facilitates volume changes or crossover frequency adjustments from your favorite listening position.

The Sub7 is equipped with both balanced (XLR) and unbalanced (RCA) input and output connectors, allowing the Sub7 to be used in home or studio environments. Numerous control options allow for many and varied adjustments to room acoustics or the satellites used.

The low cutoff frequency of 32Hz (-3dB) enables this subwoofer to reproduce even the lowest frequencies with accuracy and realism.

Shipping Information
Dimensions 15.00" x 12.00" x 20.00"
Weight 22.0 lbs.
Warehouse Information
UPC Code 426011047001
Model Sub 7-Pro
General Data
Frequency Response 32 Hz - 150 Hz
Total Harmonic Distortion ≤1 % (> 60 Hz)
Max SPL ≥107 dB at 1m
Crossover Frequency 50 - 150 Hz
Warranty 2 Years

Sub 7 Pro Subwoofer 210w/1x7"

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