Studio 601 Chats with ADAM on their S2V Monitors

One West Texan, one New Yorker. Eric Harrison and Michael Ingber are an unlikely team that clicked right off the bat with their love for music and have grown as close friends over the years. After working with each other multiple time Michael was the first one to approach Eric about starting a studio, both agreeing that it was so clear that having a studio was the right move for them. Both now run Studio 601 that is located in South Austin, Texas and coming up on the third anniversary of their studio’s launch. Although a small workspace, they want to show artists and clients that their space has great gear with a good, homy vibe. When chosing monitors for their studio, Eric and Michael decided to go with the ADAM S2V monitors and instantly noticed a whirlwind of a difference compared to their previous monitors. Just the imaging alone is wider, deeper, and hearing things they have not heard previously in mixing according to Eric. Michael says he enjoys the detail in the lowend, to work and manipulate sound where he wants them to be at that low of a level at and pinpoint the sound with accuracy.

“Y’all do some voodoo magic or something, but I like it.”  – Eric Harrison on the S2V