Amy Peters Chats with ADAM Audio About Her T5V

Amy Peters took an interest in songwriting and singing at a young age, which having a dad as a live sound engineer came in handy real quick. She would often make up songs just to record any chance she could get. Her dad would also give her one piece of gear at a time to learn and master, then quickly transitioned to building tracks on Garageband, New Window, then Pro Tools. Following her dream, Amy wanted to get more involved with the music scene and moved to Nashville at seventeen, then graduated from the Blackbird Academy in 2014. Developing her career, it was not soon after that Amy befriended David Kalmusky at Addiction Sound Studios that has since become her mentor and co-producer. Amy usually records in her petite home studio, using a vocoder to synthesize her voice for most instrumental elements in her songs. Since Amy has to heavily edit her voice while making her tracks, she finds that the midrange in the T5V have become an important piece of gear during her creative process. Aside from the clarity of her monitors, Amy’s favorite component of her T5V is the lowend for it provides a perfect balance of bass that it is not in your face when you turn up the volume. Even though she does not do a lot of mixing, Amy can hear everything that is going on in her tracks, achieving quality and clarity without breaking the bank.