Audio Engineer Victor Caldwell Talks About His ADAM A77X Monitors

Victor Caldwell started playing the piano at the young age six, then eventually began to the bass guitar as he got older. Victor eventually got to play on his first recording session when he was in the eleventh grade, then became infatuated with recording because the quality of the record he played on was not as good as quality compared to other records he has heard. The sound he found was almost night and day in quality, and after speculation as to why this happens lead up to Victor’s choice to go into audio engineering. Victor went on to attend Middle Tennessee State University, eventually moving to Nashville as an engineer, but predominantly did odd jobs at this position. Victor after a few years decided he wanted to focus more on his music again, and landed a gig with The Imperials playing bass guitar. When he was not playing, Victor went after any opportunity to work independent freelance engineering jobs or co-writing songs, juggling multiple jobs within the music industry. Victor and his brother as they got older decided that they wanted to settle down and open their own studio, where they can go to work and mix honest sounding tracks every time from the get go. Since beginning his career in the 80’s, as Victor has grown in his career he has found that the options for studio monitors have grown as well; even calling the options limitless. After previously owning and loving the nearfield of his ADAM A7X monitors, Victor wanted to fulfill his need for a nearfield and midfield in a single monitor. After searching many options he found that A77X tackled both his needs for his studio, that the definition of the speakers he finds are good, and would not own them if he had anything negative to say about them.