Jesiah Dzwonek and His ADAM A7X

Jesiah Dzwonek recorded his first album at seventeen, but didn’t get serious about his music until he moved to Oregon. He started to program beats for other producers and production jobs for local artists, then went full time working on music for himself. Jesiah’s career took off when he landed a hit, “Cool Kids” by Echosmith, that he helped co-write. Now living in Los Angeles, Jesiah focuses more on composing and writing music, working with several companies and on production for a lot of movie trailers. His most favorite recent project was for Resident Evil: The Final Chapter trailer where he remixed a Guns n Roses song.

When mixing, Jesiah have found that his ADAM A7X monitors have become a long time staple in his music career, especially since going professional. When listening to music on his A7X for the first time, automatically Jesiah noticed all these differences in sound he could not hear before on his old monitors; then realized he was sending out tracks that did not sound as good as he originally thought. Since going pro, Jesiah added the ADAM Sub10 to his collection to perfect the low end of his tracks. He has since found that the detail in the upper mid’s in other monitors usually get lost compared to his ADAM’s. The A7X have shown him to be very responsive and crisp in the high end, while having the right amount of boom in the low end, making the perfect track every time.