Jim Roach Chats with ADAM Audio on His S3V

Most people have been asked at some point in their lives what they wanted to be when they grow up. An ongoing popular response is how so many wanted to achieve their dream of being a rock star. Jim Roach achieved that aspiration, where he was in a band in his early twenties, would go on tours, and record music with his band. But Jim did not enjoy the rockstar lifestyle, he dreamed for a day of not having to spend time on the road, avoid photoshoots, and just live a comfortable life. One day, a lightbulb went off in Jim’s head while he was observing some music producers. He would not have to give up his passion for music if he became a producer, all while achieving a comfortable residential life that he dreamed of. Jim took initiative with his laptop and an M Box, beginning his career in music production.

For years, Jim has always wanted to get midfield monitors for his small studio. He only used nearfields until Jim got his ADAM S3V mounted in his studio, without sacrificing any space and completed his studio for sound. Jim immediately realized with the distance in the midfields that the sweet spot for sound in his studio transitioned into a larger space to work with. The sound and imaging from his S3V do not shift as he moves around his studio to work, which won over his love for the monitors. He is also now able to get the distance and a really good sense of depth when he has his midfields set at a high volume. The ADAM S3V have significantly benefited Jim in his small studio, by having these bigger speakers he now has the ability to blow away his clients with a tremendous sound that his nearfields could not accomplish on their own. With his midfields, Jim is confident to show off his work, making him feel like a true rockstar of his own creation.