Joe Reineke from Orbit Audio talks ADAM Audio S3H


With 20 years of experience working as an engineer and producer, Joe Reineke opened Seattle’s Orbit Audio in 2002 and worked endlessly to turn it into the state-of-the-art studio it is today, reining in a multi-platinum record for their work on Macklemore’s grammy-award winning album. Touring with the likes of Weezer, Green Day, Sugar Ray, The Killers and many more along the way, Reineke sees his passion for playing guitar as a natural progression that lead him to audio engineering. In the beginning, he turned his entire room into a studio, sleeping in the closet “like any proper engineer would do in their early days,” says Reineke. Sitting down with ADAM Audio, Reineke talks about his first time listening to the S3H active studio midfields, how they revealed new clarity in his mixes and how their incredible frequency range made his creative process more efficient.


When I was listening to them, Reineke explains, I felt like someone was putting on the glasses to my ears. You know, I could finally hear some of that detail and I feel like the low-end is really balanced. […] And the high-end was nice too. Listen to that. That is awesome.