King Electric’s Justin Douglas Talks ADAM Audio S3H


Working out of the custom-built King Electric studio, equipped with incredible analog gear like a tube preamp and limiter from 1944, Justin Douglas is a Grammy-award winning engineer and producer with recordings spanning multi-platinum albums and feature films. Now based out of Austin, Texas, Douglas juxtaposed the rough and open setting of his studio by decking it out with a background of very precise, production-quality gear. By creating a space where performers could collaborate and communicate within one room while tracking, Douglas finds he can capture a more authentic sound to tape. After visiting a friend’s studio in New York and sitting down to experience the sound produced from ADAM Audio’s new S Series, Douglas decided to purchase his own pair of S3H Monitors and fill his space with depth and a more focused mid-range. Watch as Douglas explains how pairing ADAM’s S3H monitors with his new acoustically-designed mounting system allowed him to consider the economy of space in his studio, while also giving him complete control over the stereo field.

Honestly, more than the stuff ADAM’s known for– the detail, the high-end, the depth, all that– I was just blown away by the amount of power they had and the restraint of that power. Sitting there, even listening at low volumes,  I could access that if I needed to. But, I didn’t. I just kinda felt it was there.

–Justin Douglas