Kristian Nord Discusses ADAM Audio S3H


Based out of Venice Beach, California, Kristian Nord, is constantly juggling between scoring music for TV and advertising while also producing for bands like Tokio Hotel and The Great Escape. Within this balance, Nord has found that his passion for music exists not only in producing records, but also in the creative side of enhancing motion pictures with the right sound pairing. When building a studio in his own home, Nord once again searched for the correct balance of atmosphere and acoustic treatment. With instruments all over his living room, light streaming in through large windows, and acoustic panels to keep the room dry, Nord’s studio reflects the versatility of his work. While searching for the right monitors to translate incredible sound into this space, Nord chose ADAM Audio’s S3H midfield to create clarity and depth.


The [S3H] is like putting on glasses. Nord explains. You see everything much more detailed and it has much more depth. It’s a little bit like you you hear more what’s going on. And, to be honest, since I have the S3H, I think the first three days I just spent listening to music on them.