Malte Hagemeister Talks ADAM Audio S3H

Based out of Venice Beach, California, Malte Hagemeister, considers himself to be an artist who also does custom-made music. Always finding crossovers between different genres and eclectic styles, Hagemeister approaches TV and film advertising with a similar creative process, recording live instruments and pouring an artist’s identity into each piece. Dealing with multiple live instruments, microphones, signal flow and feedback issues, Hagemeister emphasized the importance of any gear that keeps momentum going throughout his tracking and mixing phases. In a recent interview, Hagemeister explains how the ADAM Audio S3H midfield monitor offers new depth and insight into his mixes, illuminating the stereo imagery like never before. Pairing this to its incredibly quick frequency response, the S3H nearfield takes away any of the guessing and, ultimately, streamlines the creative process.


I think one important aspect, for me, especially when it comes to working on music for commercials, is that I have to work quick a lot of times. While I’m working, I’ll already have to think about what it is going to sound like in the end. […] I feel like the S3H’s just make decisions easier, because you just really hear what’s there; there’s a lot less guessing what it’s going to be.

–Malte Hagemeister