Marc Urselli sits down with ADAM Audio to talk A7X


With a 16-track tape machine and a 32 in-line analog console, Marc Urselli had already opened his first commercial music studio at seventeen. But, as he puts it, “there wasn’t enough diversity inside that room.” The same drive that brought this eager engineer to leave his budding career in Italy behind for an internship in New York City now pushes Urselli to constantly diversify his music through freelance work, keeping him on-the-go, with his homebase at the legendary Eastside Sound studio. Now a 3-time Grammy Award winning engineer, mixer, producer, and sound designer, Marc Urselli is always expanding his own portfolio, traveling around the world to find new sounds and create cutting-edge, avant garde music.

I’m very proud of how much diversity I have in my resume. Urselli explains. I will literally jump one day from doing a rock record, or even a metal record, to the next day to doing a classical record. I did a record with a band, Preacher’s Son, which is a great 70s rock band from Ireland. So, for that, I flew to a studio called ‘Grouse Lodge’ outside of Dublin where we basically spent a week recording and then I mixed it [in Eastside Sound.]

With continual location and equipment changes, consistency in mixing and workflow can become a huge struggle. Urselli explains that, although each room carries its own frequency response and “color”, having a pair of monitors that accurately translate what is going on can be a huge advantage. Sitting down with ADAM Audio, Urselli discusses why the A7X/sub10 Nearfield monitors provide him with an unforgiving sound that is true to what he puts into the speakers. After hours of mixing, the ribbon tweeter makes this sound smooth enough to avoid ear fatigue as well. Regardless of whether he tracks in another country across the world or in his own control room in Eastside Sound, Urselli is sure to use the A7X/sub10 nearfields to properly depict the subtleties and nuances of any recording experience.

When you know your gear and you know your room, it’s very easy to come up with good sound. But, sounds are only as good as the sounds you can hear through the speakers. You can have your best microphones and your best preamps, but then, if you’re not hearing it all through something that tells you exactly what’s going on, you don’t know what you’re doing.

–Marc Urselli