Mix engineer Christian Castagno discusses ADAM Audio S5H


Grammy-award winning musician and producer, Christian Castagno, sits down with ADAM Audio to explain how the right pair of monitors can translate great sound through any speakers. Based in Minca, Colombia, Castagno was fortunate enough to be mentored by Walter Sear before opening his own studio in Brooklyn. Known for a wide range of music including pop, dance production, experimental jazz, folkloric and Indigenous music, Castagno has synthesized his lifelong passion of both analog and digital audio production, constantly adapting and reinventing his own approach. Here, in the state-of-the-art Sear Sound studios, Castagno explains that, when looking for a pair of studio mains, he wanted something that would that wouldn’t only sound good in such a great facility, but also in a car, or even a club. For this reason, the ADAM Audio S5H Active Main Monitors deliver a resonant, sharp and consistently smooth sound.


“I don’t think I’ve ever been more comfortable, more rapidly, on another pair of speakers.”

–Christian Castagno