Newvelle Records Elan Mehler


Elan Mehler was born in Boston, studied jazz and classical music at New York University, and resided in NYC playing music with various ensembles for ten years.  He now lives in Paris France.

“Mehler’s touch is as nuanced as Bill Evans’s, and his phrasing draws on both jazz and classical music without directly importing licks from either.  The subdued certainties of his playing bring a crowded room to total silence.”

–John Fordham, The Guardian

In addition to his own musical career, Elan is the co-founder of Newvelle Records  Nevwelle Recorcs are building an association of likeminded music lovers, interested in acquiring new music available solely on vinyl. They are offering memberships to receive a new pressing bimonthly of some of the finest artists in the world and we are offering it in a format that is completely exclusive.