Producer Ben Epand Chats About ADAM Audio T7V


Born into a musical family, Ben Epand started playing guitar early, taking after his father who was constantly picking away at classic Beatles and Rolling Stones records. This family dynamic ultimately sparked Epand’s intrigue in music. “I have always been a songwriter and it’s just something I live for,” he explains. Now based out of Los Angeles, Epand produces music from the comfort of his own apartment, where he has converted space in the back into an awesome home studio. Sitting down with ADAM Audio, Epand raved about the new T Series and their ability to provide him with incredible clarity and honest representations of recorded sound. ADAM Audio offers expert functionality in the T7Vs to anyone on a budget looking for professional nearfield monitors. Epand describes how the performance of the T7V nearfield monitors allow him to customize the home studio to his ears. The results lead him to a faster and easier creative process, ultimately increasing Epand’s confidence in tracking and mixing.


They’re just great, honest speakers. They’ll tell you the information, and you’ll adjust accordingly to your ear and to your taste and I think they’re like the best speaker I’ve ever owned. […] It’s so nice to have phenomenal speakers that are affordable. You just ultimately want something that functions really well.