Sit Down With Nick Joswick On ADAM Audio A77X


Growing up, Nick Joswick always had a fascination for cassette recorders, making his own mock radio shows and interviews with friends just to get his hands on anything recording based. Joswick went on to pursue his interest by attending the Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences in Tempe, AZ, and left with a new confidence and understanding behind his work. Now an engineer and producer out of 5th Street Studios in Austin, TX, Joswick mostly works with analog sound and works endlessly to give all of his clients a bona fide tracking and mixing process. Pre-production is a key component for Joswick as he works along with the artists to create a well mastered album while being as cost efficient  as possible. Joswick has since become familiar with ADAM sound since his first days at 5th Street in 2008, and has grown an appreciation for how seamlessly they have transitioned into the public eye over the past few years. We at ADAM Audio got to sit down with Joswick and talk about the A77X near/midfields and how they fill his tight control room perfectly – the stereo field appears wider as well as provide more of a detailed sound on both sides for Joswick to pick up. Joswick notes that the A77X changed his workflow by giving him a more accurate image and sound to work with, leaving him with less guess work and confidence behind his mastering decisions.

The thing I noticed immediately when I plugged in the A77Xs was how robust and full the low-mids and low-end were on them. Immediately, I felt what I’ve always wanted to feel out of the drums and bass and that kind of spectrum of sound. It just automatically was so smooth, but also so defined, that it made me smile as soon as I heard them.
–Nick Joswick